sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009

Chrome OS in Latin America

Did Google ever considered other countries when announcing Chrome OS ???

I question that because the so called BRIC are much more relevant nowadays, after this economic crisis. The world after Q4 2008 is very different than it used to be. Brazil, for example, used to borrow money from the World Bank and now we are lending money.

When you think about countries that are, lets say "delayed" in some areas, that becomes an advantage when you decide to adopt a technology. Internet started 2 years later in Brazil, but we are the country that spends more time connected. Maybe because our bandwidth ;-P, but that's not exactly the point.

Google should be considering the amount of money someone must spend to buy a Netbook and how many old 486, 100 MHZ Pentiums, Pentium-II and that kind of old stuff exists in countries like Brazil, India and China. Poor people use to have old stuff at home and this old stuff could run Chrome OS. Imagine that: billions of people could use old PC's with Chrome OS and that would be a turn in the paradigm that says "buy new stuff".

Also, there's the recycling process of old stuff. Maybe we could use LCD's instead of power hungry CRT's and be more Green. I think someone must consider that. Have less electronic garbage is always a good idea.

If Chrome OS is a light weight piece of software, maybe could be a good idea to have it ported to lets say Pentium4's. A netbook may be cheap in US but I'm sure in Latin America it's not. I still see some Pentium3's in some companies and several homes around here. Maybe is a good point. If all you need is not locally, so the only thing to have is the Chrome OS and 3G, for example, or wi-fi. Both can be obtained using a USB token. Cheap option for poor countries.

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